Your publications more accessible, a more rapid visibility

Immediate and barrier free access to the latest research results is essential. Today over 20% of the whole of the worldwide academic and scientific literature is already available on Open Access: 8.5% through journals which are on open access and 11.9% via institutional repositories (Björk, 2010). Figures which are constantly rising !

The depositing of references on an institutional repository such as ORBi, interoperable with the major generalist or theme based search engines (Google, Google Scholar, Base, Scientific Commons, etc .), favors this visibility, as ORBi’s statistics demonstrate.

oa 1 stat
oa 1 stat

Other interesting factors :

  • A reference is visible on Google one hour after it has been deposited
  • Since ORBi has been up and running :
    • Over 1.300.000 reference visualizations
    • Over 500.000 downloads (since January 2011 : +1000 per day)!
  • Satisfied authors :
    • New contacts, in particular through requests for off-prints
    • A new life for the older publications