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Peer Reviewed
See detailHigh-level production of extracellular lipase by Yarrowia lipolytica mutants from methyl oleate
Darvishi, F.; Destain, Jacqueline ULg; Nahvi, I. et al

in New Biotechnology (2011), 28(6), 756-760

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See detailTowards positional identification of susceptibility loci for White Heifer disease in Belgian Blue Cattle (poster)
Sartelet, Arnaud ULg; Druet, Tom ULg; Coppieters, Wouter ULg et al

in New Biotechnology (2010, April), 27(Supplement 1), 79

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See detailRecovery of γ-decalactone produced by Rhodotorula aurantiaca from the culture broth using Macronet resins
Alchihab, Mohamed; Aldric, Jean-Marc ULg; Aguedo, Mario ULg et al

in New Biotechnology (2009, September), 25S

Detailed reference viewed: 8 (2 ULg)