References of "Cytotechnology"
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See detailPorous biomaterials tailored for cell culture.
Grandfils, Christian ULg; Maquet, V; Ropson, N et al

in Cytotechnology (1996), 21

Detailed reference viewed: 17 (1 ULg)
See detailControl of B16 melanoma cells differentiation in culture by exogenous FeS04, CuS04 and Vitamin C
De Pauw-Gillet, Marie-Claire ULg; Siwek, Brigitte; Bassleer, Roger

in Cytotechnology (1988)

Detailed reference viewed: 5 (1 ULg)
See detailConfrontation in tridimensional culture of mouse B16 melanoma cells and 3T3 fibroblasts
Siwek, Brigitte; De Pauw-Gillet, Marie-Claire ULg; Foidart, Jean-Michel ULg et al

in Cytotechnology (1988), (Suppl), 32

Detailed reference viewed: 7 (3 ULg)