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Journal title
Res (Cambridge, Mass.) [1]
Res Academica [2]
Res Publica [6]
Research Communications In Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology [1]
Research in African Literatures [2]
Research in Biotechnology [1]
Research in Developmental Disabilities [7]
Research in Experimental Medicine [2]
Research in Geographic Education [1]
Research in Immunology [4]
Research in International Business and Finance [3]
Research in Microbiology [12]
Research in Surgery [2]
Research in Veterinary Science [51]
Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioner [1]
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technolog [1]
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology [1]
Research Journal of Biological Sciences [2]
Research on hydrodynamics of inland navigation at the University of Liège [1]
Research Perspectives on Migration [1]