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Journal title
International Journal of Tropical Insect Science [1]
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research [2]
International Journal of Vehicle Design [2]
International journal of water sciences [2]
International Journal of Web-Based Communities [1]
International Journal of Work Innovation [1]
International Journal of Zoology [1]
International Journal on Multicultural Societies [5]
International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer [2]
International Mathematics Research Notices [1]
International medical informatics association [1]
International Migration [4]
International Migration Review [6]
International Monitor on Regional Anaesthesia [1]
International NGO Journal [1]
International Orthopaedics [7]
International Reports on Socio-Informatics [3]
International Research in Geographical & Environmental Education [1]
International Research Journal of Microbiology [2]
International Research Journal of Microbiology [=IRJM] [2]