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Journal title
Hygiène - Journal de l'Association Française des femmes médecins [1]
Hyperfine Interactions [4]
Hypertension [2]
Hypertension in Pregnancy : Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy [1]
Hypnose et Thérapies brèves [1]
Hystrio, trimestriale di teatro e spettacolo [1]
Hystrix: the Italian Journal of Mammalogy [1]
I Viaggi di Erodoto [1]
I.B.A. of A. Bulletin [1]
I.F.B.L. Feuille de contact trimestrielle [1]
IAD : Istruzione a Distanza [1]
IALE Bulletin [1]
Ianus-Diritto e Finanza [1]
IARC Scientific Publications [1]
IAS Newsletters [1]
IASL Online [3]
IAU Archives of unpublished observations of variable stars file number :, 55, 1 (1977) [1]
IAU Astronomical Telegram N° 3290 [1]
IAU Astronomical Telegram Nø 3185 [1]
IAWA Journal [2]