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See detailLa trichonémose larvaire chez le cheval : examens complémentaires et nouvelles approches thérapeutiques et prophylactiques
Losson, Bertrand ULg; Mignon, Bernard ULg

in Monde Vétérinaire (Le) : European Veterinary Magazine (1998), 45

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See detailNouveaux traitements immunomodulateurs dans la maladie de Crohn
Louis, Edouard ULg; Belaiche, Jacques ULg

in Médecine et Hygiène (1998), 56

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See detailX-Ray Spectroscopy with XMM: A New Powerful Tool to Determine Fundamental Parameters of Early-type Stars
Mewe, R.; Rauw, Grégor ULg; van der Hucht, K. A. et al


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See detailPositionnement et devenir de la place commerciale de Liège
Merenne-Schoumaker, Bernadette ULg; Bruck, L.; Dewez, G. et al

Report (1998)

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See detailIntriguing Eigenvector-Based Methods for Object Recognition
Verly, Jacques ULg

Scientific conference (1998)

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See detailThe behaviour of coatings on concrete supports in relation with different forms of water attack
Courard, Luc ULg; Degeimbre, Robert ULg; Wiertz, Jean

in Concrete under severe conditions 2 (1998)

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See detailPerformance of Least Squares and Kalman Filter Algorithms for Orbit Determination Using Single- and Multi-Station Tracking of Geostationary Satellites (AAS 98-368)
Halain, Jean-Philippe ULg; Welter, T.; Francken, P. et al

in Spaceflight Dynamics 1998, Volume 100 Part 1, Advances in Astronautical Sciences (1998)

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See detailSensitivity of the Black Sea's ecosystem to physical processes. First results of a high resolution 3D interdisciplinary model
Grégoire, Marilaure ULg; Beckers, Jean-Marie ULg; Nihoul, Jacques ULg et al

in Supplement to EOS Transactions - American Geophysical Union meeting du 9 au 13 février 1998 (1998)

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See detailExploration of memory span performance in Alzheimer's disease
Collette, Fabienne ULg; Van der Linden, Martial ULg; Poncelet, Martine et al

in Vellas, B.; Fitten, J.; Frisoni, G. (Eds.) Research and Practice in Alzheimer's disease (1998)

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See detailAnalysis of the resistance to water of the interface between concrete and repairing systems: experimental approach
Courard, Luc ULg; Degeimbre, Robert ULg; Wiertz, Jean et al

in Concrete under severe conditions 2 (1998)

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See detailLa Marseillaise, ou le devenir d'un chant révolutionnaire en Wallonie.
Raxhon, Philippe ULg

Book published by Institut Jules Destrée (1998)

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See detailGenerating random percolation clusters.
Bogaert, Jan ULg; Impens, I

in Applied Mathematics and Computation (1998), 91(2-3), 197-208

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See detailComparison of spin echo, gradient echo and fat saturation magnetic resonance imaging sequences for imaging the canine elbow
Snaps, Frédéric ULg; Saunders, Jimmy H.; Park, Richard D. et al

in Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound (1998), 39(6), 518-523

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See detailLe monticule frasnien de la carrière du Nord à Frasnes (Belgique): sédimentologie, stratigraphie séquentielle et coraux
Boulvain, Frédéric ULg; Coen-Aubert, M.

in Professional Paper Belgian Geological Survey (1998), 285

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See detailThéories de la justice et approche sociologique du juste en contexte tunisien
Nachi, Mohamed ULg

in Social Science Information/Information sur les sciences sociales (1998), 37(4), 547-592

Réflexion sur les conceptions proceduraliste et substantielle de la justice

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