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See detailForestry curricula at the University Faculty of Gembloux
Rondeux, Jacques ULg

Book (1998)

This paper aims at giving detailed information about the studies at the Gembloux Agricultural University (FUSAGx), especially in the field of Forestry (M. Sc. or "ingénieur").

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See detailNouveaux traitements immunomodulateurs dans la maladie de Crohn
Louis, Edouard ULg; Belaiche, Jacques ULg

in Médecine et Hygiène (1998), 56

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See detailX-Ray Spectroscopy with XMM: A New Powerful Tool to Determine Fundamental Parameters of Early-type Stars
Mewe, R.; Rauw, Grégor ULg; van der Hucht, K. A. et al


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See detailPositionnement et devenir de la place commerciale de Liège
Merenne-Schoumaker, Bernadette ULg; Bruck, L.; Dewez, G. et al

Report (1998)

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See detailIntriguing Eigenvector-Based Methods for Object Recognition
Verly, Jacques ULg

Scientific conference (1998)

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See detailThe behaviour of coatings on concrete supports in relation with different forms of water attack
Courard, Luc ULg; Degeimbre, Robert ULg; Wiertz, Jean

in Concrete under severe conditions 2 (1998)

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See detailPerformance of Least Squares and Kalman Filter Algorithms for Orbit Determination Using Single- and Multi-Station Tracking of Geostationary Satellites (AAS 98-368)
Halain, Jean-Philippe ULg; Welter, T.; Francken, P. et al

in Spaceflight Dynamics 1998, Volume 100 Part 1, Advances in Astronautical Sciences (1998)

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See detailSensitivity of the Black Sea's ecosystem to physical processes. First results of a high resolution 3D interdisciplinary model
Grégoire, Marilaure ULg; Beckers, Jean-Marie ULg; Nihoul, Jacques ULg et al

in Supplement to EOS Transactions - American Geophysical Union meeting du 9 au 13 février 1998 (1998)

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See detailExploration of memory span performance in Alzheimer's disease
Collette, Fabienne ULg; Van der Linden, Martial ULg; Poncelet, Martine et al

in Vellas, B.; Fitten, J.; Frisoni, G. (Eds.) Research and Practice in Alzheimer's disease (1998)

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See detailAnalysis of the resistance to water of the interface between concrete and repairing systems: experimental approach
Courard, Luc ULg; Degeimbre, Robert ULg; Wiertz, Jean et al

in Concrete under severe conditions 2 (1998)

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See detailLa Marseillaise, ou le devenir d'un chant révolutionnaire en Wallonie.
Raxhon, Philippe ULg

Book published by Institut Jules Destrée (1998)

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See detailGenerating random percolation clusters.
Bogaert, Jan ULg; Impens, I

in Applied Mathematics and Computation (1998), 91(2-3), 197-208

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See detailComparison of spin echo, gradient echo and fat saturation magnetic resonance imaging sequences for imaging the canine elbow
Snaps, Frédéric ULg; Saunders, Jimmy H.; Park, Richard D. et al

in Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound (1998), 39(6), 518-523

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See detailLe monticule frasnien de la carrière du Nord à Frasnes (Belgique): sédimentologie, stratigraphie séquentielle et coraux
Boulvain, Frédéric ULg; Coen-Aubert, M.

in Professional Paper Belgian Geological Survey (1998), 285

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