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See detailComparison of the Na and N2+ flashes at Twilight and Dawn.
Swings, Polydore ULg; Nicolet, M.

in Astrophysical Journal (1949), 109

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Peer Reviewed
See detailThe infrared spectra of the Planetary Nebulae BD+30°3639, NGC 6572, and NGC 6543
Swings, Polydore ULg; Jose, P. D.

in Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific [=PASP] (1949), 61

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See detailPlaidoyer pour un humanisme scientifique
Fredericq, Henri ULg

Speech/Talk (1949)

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See detailThe Spectra of the Night Sky and the Aurora
Swings, Polydore ULg; Meinel, A. B.

in Kuiper, Gerard Peter (Ed.) The atmospheres of the earth and planets: papers presented at the Fiftieth Anniversary Symposium of the Yerkes Observatory, September, 1947 (1949)

Description of the night-sky and twilight spectra Description of auroral spectra Interpretation of the observations Conclusions

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See detailNote sur la population d'Elaterides des bois du Sart-Tilman. (Angleur, Liège)
Jeuniaux, Charles ULg

in bull et ann soc entom de belgique (1949), 85(III-IV), 74-79

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