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See detailRéduction des inégalités sociales de santé : quels défis éducatifs ? L'exemple du jeu
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Vandoorne, Chantal ULg

in Education Santé (2012), (276), 8-12

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See detailDe l'évaluation des projets et services à la gestion du territoire
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Demarteau, Michel

in Education Santé (2012), (283), 27-30

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See detailMASPIN: a formative evaluation tool supporting dialog among professionals and with families
Bednarek, Stéphanie; Vandoorne, Chantal ULg; Absil, Gaëtan ULg et al

in Spiteri, Ylenia; Galea, Elizabeth M. (Eds.) Psychology of Neglect (2012)

Background The consequences of child neglect are still too often played down. It is important to intervene at an early stage, approaching families at home through means adapted to community-level action ... [more ▼]

Background The consequences of child neglect are still too often played down. It is important to intervene at an early stage, approaching families at home through means adapted to community-level action. Interventions by health and social professionals face several hurdles: (1) the difficulty for front-line health and social professionals to make a diagnosis; (2) the difficulty of entering into a dialog with possible beneficiaries of the interventions owing to distrust; and (3) the difficulty of assessing the outcome of the interventions. In order to answer the need for the medium-term assessment of our intervention programs in the field of neglect and attachment disorders, our multidisciplinary team (psychologists, a general practitioner, an anthropologist and an educationalist) designed a tool aimed at supporting the observation of challenging indicators by parents and intervening parties in a given educational situation. Method The MASPIN tool (Method for Analysis of Situations and Project on Individual cases of Neglect) was designed on the basis of a review of existing literature on assessment tools for actions in the field concerning parental disorders, focusing on children up to three years old. Field professionals were involved in the design process in order to make sure that the tool matched their daily practice. Results The tool allows a six-fold assessment of: interactions between parents and child, parental skills, acknowledgement by parents of their difficulties or responsibilities, environmental factors, how the family experienced the intervention, and the intervening party’s experience. Discussion and conclusion The MASPIN tool could foster the development of a common knowledge and culture regarding intervention on neglect. Our limited use unveiled unexpected potential. It makes for interesting prospects in structuring the dialog between front-line professionals (medics, nurses and social workers) and experts. Moreover, it helps to ease the dialog between intervening parties and parents, clearly identifying existing parental skills and specific issues that might call for educational assistance. [less ▲]

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See detailBronfenbrenner, écologie du développement humain. Réflexion et action pour la promotion de la santé
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Vandoorne, Chantal ULg; Demarteau, Michel

E-print/Working paper (2012)

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See detailEmpowerment en prison. Un nouvel enfermement ?
Absil, Gaëtan ULg

Conference (2011, November)

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See detailAnalyse SWOT - Un outil d'analyse et d'aide à la décision
Absil, Gaëtan ULg

Learning material (2011)

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See detailDeterminants of high, median and low rates of caesarean deliveries in Belgium
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Van Parys, A. S.; Bednarek, Stéphanie et al

Report (2011)

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See detailProgramme interrégional de prévention et de promotion de la santé mentale : fondements d'une méthode d'évaluation
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Govers, Patrick ULg; Fond-Harmant, Laurence et al

Diverse speeche and writing (2011)

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See detailL'écriture de nous, autobiographie collective contre les fictions sociales de stigmate
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Vandoorne, Chantal ULg; Fond-Harmant, Laurence

in Constantopoulou, Christiana (Ed.) Récits et fictions dans la société contemporaine (2011)

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See detailLes Pissenlits asbl – Entretiens de groupe - Rapport technique
Melen, G.; Absil, Gaëtan ULg

Report (2010)

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See detailLes enfants négligés: ils naissent,ils vivent mais ils s’éteignent
Lachaussée, Sophie; Bednarek, Stéphanie; Absil, Gaëtan ULg et al

in Observatoire : Revue d'Action Sociale & Médico-Sociale (2010), 67

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See detailALMA - ALimentation dans les Milieux d'Accueil de la petite enfance
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Demarteau, Michel; Bauwens, Hélène et al

Report (2009)

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See detailPrévention, réseaux et parentalité : l'accompagnement global en consultation prénatale
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Prato, Elise

in Education Santé (2009), (250),

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See detailLa promotion de la santé en Communauté française, une variabilité de pratiques en regard d'un même décret
Absil, Gaëtan ULg; Caillet, Sarah

in Education santé (2009), (250), 8-9

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See detailLa promotion de la santé en Communauté française de Belgique : entre enfermements et ouvertures ?
Absil, Gaëtan ULg

in Education Santé (2009), (250), 16-17

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