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See detailSubtilisin Sub3 is involved in adherence of Microsporum canis to human and animal epidermis
Bagut, ET; Baldo, A; Mathy, Anne ULg et al

in Veterinary Microbiology (2012), 160(3-4), 413-419

Detailed reference viewed: 58 (14 ULg)
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Peer Reviewed
See detailMechanisms of skin adherence and invasion by dermatophytes
Baldo, Aline ULg; Monod, M.; Mathy, Anne ULg et al

in Mycoses (2012), 55(3), 218-223

Detailed reference viewed: 88 (18 ULg)
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See detailCharacterization of a new potential virulence factor of Microsporum canis, the secreted subtilisin Sub6
Mathy, Anne ULg; Baldo, Aline ULg; Salamin, K. et al

in Mycoses (2011), 54(suppl 2), 112-113

Detailed reference viewed: 140 (47 ULg)
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See detailRôle des cellules Th17 dans les maladies infectieuses et auto-immunes
Cambier, Ludivine ULg; Defaweux, Valérie ULg; Baldo, Aline ULg et al

in Annales de Médecine Vétérinaire (2011), 154

Detailed reference viewed: 152 (38 ULg)
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See detailSecreted subtilisin Sub3 from Microsporum canis is required for adherence to but not for invasion of the epidermis
Baldo, Aline ULg; Mathy, Anne ULg; Tabart, J. et al

in British Journal of Dermatology (2010), 162(5), 990-997

Detailed reference viewed: 70 (23 ULg)
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See detailThe carriage of larval Echinococcus multilocularis and other cestodes by the musk rat (Ondatra zibethicus) along the Ourthe river and its tributaries (Belgium)
Mathy, Anne ULg; Hanosset, Régis; Adant, S. et al

in Journal of Wildlife Diseases (2009), 45

Detailed reference viewed: 39 (15 ULg)
Peer Reviewed
See detailInvolvement of the secreted serine protease Sub3 of Microsporum canis in adherence to feline epidermis
Mathy, Anne ULg; Tabart, J.; Vermout, S. et al

Conference (2009)

Detailed reference viewed: 33 (9 ULg)