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See detailGenome-Wide Analysis of In Vivo Binding of the Master Regulator DasR in Streptomyces coelicolor Identifies Novel Non-Canonical Targets
Świątek-Połatyńska, MA; Bucca, G; Laing, E et al

in PLoS ONE (2015)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailUnsuspected Control of Siderophore production by N-acetylglucosamine in Streptomycetes
Craig, Matthias ULg; Lambert, Stéphany ULg; Jourdan, Samuel ULg et al

in Environmental Microbiology Reports (2012)

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See detailThe permease gene nagE2 is the key to N-acetylglucosamine sensing and utilization in Streptomyces coelicolor and is subject to multi-level control
Nothaft, Harald; Rigali, Sébastien ULg; Boomsma, B. et al

in Molecular Microbiology (2010), 75((5)), 1133-44

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See detailThe secreted signaling protein factor C triggers the A-factor response regulon in Streptomyces griseus: overlapping signaling routes
Birko, Z; Bialek, S; Buzas, K et al

in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (2007), 6(7), 1248-1256

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