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Peer Reviewed
See detailGrowth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-I and their plasma binding proteins in different cattle breeds.
Renaville, Robert ULg; Massart, Serge; Shojae, D. et al

in Zootecnica e Nutrizione Animale (1995), 21(2),

Detailed reference viewed: 13 (2 ULg)
Peer Reviewed
See detailImportance de l'axe hypophyso-hepatique dans le regulation hormonale de la croissance chez le bovin.
Renaville, Robert ULg; Portetelle, Daniel ULg; Sneyers, M. et al

in Bulletin des Recherches Agronomiques de Gembloux (1991), 26(2),

Detailed reference viewed: 14 (3 ULg)
See detailApport de l'endocrinologie en selection laitiere bovine.
Renaville, Robert ULg; Massart, Serge; Shojae, D. et al

in Animal Genetic Resources Information (1991), (8),

Detailed reference viewed: 11 (2 ULg)
Peer Reviewed
See detailInsulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and IGF-I binding proteins levels in different breeds at various stages of lactation
Renaville, Robert ULg; Shojae, D.; Portetelle, Daniel ULg et al

in Journal of Animal Science (1990), 68(suppl 1), 447

Detailed reference viewed: 1 (0 ULg)
See detailLa recherche en production laitiere en periode de quotas.
Renaville, Robert ULg; Shojae, D.; Burny, A. et al

in Elevages Belges (1989), 42(12),

Detailed reference viewed: 16 (2 ULg)