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See detailMutliproxy investigation of climatic and anthropogenic changes in a Baltic bog (N. Poland) during the last millennium
De Vleeschouwer, François; Fagel, Nathalie ULiege; Piotrowska, Natalia et al

Poster (2010)

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See detailA paleorecord of atmospheric lead deposition in France. New data from “La Godivelle” peat bog (Puy de Dôme)
De vleeschouwer, F.; Mattielli, N.; Renson, V. et al

Poster (2010)

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See detailPalynological and geochemical data in peat sediments at the side of an old (Roman to / or Merovingian) paved road in the Hautes-Fagnes.
Streel, Maurice ULiege; Renson, V; De Vleeschouwer, F

in Carnets de Géologie = Notebooks on Geology (2007), 2007/01(9), 8

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See detailLa Via Mansuerisca, première cause de pollution dans les Hautes Fagnes ?
Renson, V.; Fagel, Nathalie ULiege; Streel, Maurice ULiege et al

in Miscellanea Faniae (2005), 8

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