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See detailZosimos of Panopolis
Mertens, Michèle ULg

in Koertge, Noretta (Ed.) New Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Volume 7 (2008)

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See detailGraeco-Egyptian Alchemy in Byzantium
Mertens, Michèle ULg

in Magdalino, Paul; Mavroudi, Maria (Eds.) The Occult Sciences in Byzantium (2006)

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See detailAlchemy, Hermetism and Gnosticism at Panopolis c. 300 A.D. : the Evidence of Zosimus
Mertens, Michèle ULg

in Egberts, A.; Muhs, Brian P.; van der Vliet, Jacques (Eds.) Perspectives on Panopolis : an Egyptian Town from Alexander the Great to the Arab Conquest. Acts from an international Symposium held in Leiden on 16, 17 and 18 December 1998 (2002)

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See detailLes alchimistes grecs. Tome IV,1 : Zosime de Panopolis, Mémoires authentiques
Mertens, Michèle ULg

Book published by Les Belles Lettres (1995)

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