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See detailPuff pastry margarines performances related to their physicochemical properties
Lefebure, Emilie ULg; Cavillot, Valérie; Blecker, Christophe ULg et al

Poster (2013, April 28)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailInfluence of processing parameters on physicochemical properties of low-trans and trans-free puff pastry margarines
Lefebure, Emilie ULg; Ronkart, Sébastien; Brostaux, Yves ULg et al

in LWT - Food Science and Technology (2013), 51(1), 225-232

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See detailInfluence of the processing parameters on the physicochemical properties of puff pastry margarines
Lefebure, Emilie ULg; Ronkart, Sébastien; Brostaux, Yves ULg et al

Poster (2011, September 18)

Margarinespresentdifferentphysicalpropertieswithrespecttotheirpurposedapplication.Forexample,aspecialtypeoffatisrequiredforpreparationofpuffpastry.Puffpastrymargarines(PPMs)havetobeveryfirmandplastic ... [more ▼]

Margarinespresentdifferentphysicalpropertieswithrespecttotheirpurposedapplication.Forexample,aspecialtypeoffatisrequiredforpreparationofpuffpastry.Puffpastrymargarines(PPMs)havetobeveryfirmandplastic.Therequiredphysicalpropertiesarethusobtainedbyprocessingsuitablyselectedblendsoffatsandoils.Thisstudyfocusesontheinfluenceofprocessingparametersonphysicochemicalpropertiesofpuffpastrymargarine.Forthispurpose,twoselectedfatblendswereconsidered(bothpalm-based):onewaslow-trans(0.5%)andtheotherwastrans-free. [less ▲]

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Peer Reviewed
See detailEnzymatic Interesterificationof Palm oil and Fractions: A Calorimetric Study
Danthine, Sabine ULg; De Clercq, Nathalie; Lefebure, Emilie ULg et al

Poster (2011, September)

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See detailL’huile de palme et ses alternatives : aspects technologiques
Danthine, Sabine ULg; Lefebure, Emilie ULg

Conference (2011, February 02)

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