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See detailThermal System for Phenix, the New ESTEC Thermal Vacuum Chamber
Grodent, Christophe ULg; Guiot, Marc ULg; Jamotton, Pierre ULg

in Fletcher K. (Ed.) ESA-SP-639 (2007, September)

Detailed reference viewed: 78 (13 ULg)
See detailCSL TV chambers Updating
Grodent, Christophe ULg; franco

Conference (2006)

Detailed reference viewed: 15 (4 ULg)
See detailHigh level Vibration Facility at cryogenic temperature
Grodent, Christophe ULg

Conference (2003)

Detailed reference viewed: 6 (1 ULg)
See detailForce Limiting at CSL premises
Grodent, Christophe ULg; Cucchiaro, Antonio ULg; ronchain, philippe

(2001, June)

Detailed reference viewed: 13 (5 ULg)