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Peer Reviewed
See detailThe immunochemical determinations of serum lipase in acute pancreatitis: further results.
Adam, A.; Boulanger, J.; Chapelle, Jean-Paul ULg et al

in Clinical Chemistry (1986), 32(10), 1987

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See detailThe system of kallikrein-kininogens-kinins (KKK) and the acute-phase reactant proteins (APRP) in human undergoing extracorporeal circulation (ECC)
Faymonville, Marie ULg; Adam, A.; Malengreaux, P. et al

in Arnaud, P.; Bienvenu, J.; Laurent, P. (Eds.) Marker proteins in inflammation (1984)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailEtude de la fiabilité du SMA 12/60.
Vos, A.; Ers, P.; Albert, Adelin ULg et al

in Expansion scientifique française (1973)

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