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Peer Reviewed
See detailDistinct pathological signatures after lethal avian H5N1 and swine H1N1 influenza infections suggest variable pathogenesis.
Garigliany, Mutien-Marie ULg; Habyarimana, Jean Belt Adélite ULg; Van de Paar, Els et al

in International Journal of Infectious Diseases (2010)

Detailed reference viewed: 18 (8 ULg)
Peer Reviewed
See detailPathology of influenza virus H5N1 infection in resistant and susceptible laboratory mice.
Garigliany, Mutien-Marie ULg; Cloquette, Karine; Leroy, Michaël et al

Conference (2008, September)

Detailed reference viewed: 8 (0 ULg)
Peer Reviewed
See detailLes dynamines MX et leur activité anti-influenza.
Garigliany, Mutien-Marie ULg; Zecchinon, Laurent; Cloquette, Karine et al

Poster (2008, September)

Detailed reference viewed: 10 (2 ULg)
Peer Reviewed
See detailMX dynamins and the innate resistance opposed to influenza virus.
Garigliany, Mutien-Marie ULg; Baise, Etienne; Cloquette, Karine et al

Conference (2008, March)

Detailed reference viewed: 5 (2 ULg)