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Peer Reviewed
See detailWork-home interference and well-being: A cross-lagged analysis.
Babic, Audrey ULg; Stinglhamber, Florence; Barbier, Marie ULg et al

Poster (2014, May)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailHigh-Performance Work Systems and Well-Being: Mediating role of Work-Home Interference
Babic, Audrey ULg; STINGLHAMBER, Florence; Hansez, Isabelle ULg

Conference (2013, May 28)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailAgrifutur : se former pour demain.
Babic, Audrey ULg; Peters, Stéphanie ULg; Côte, Virginie et al

Conference (2010, July 09)

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