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See detailFinding cartographic materials
Anceau, Annick ULg

Conference (2010, June 16)

Detailed reference viewed: 41 (28 ULg)
See detailThe first geological maps of Belgium on the web
Anceau, Annick ULg; Nizet, Laurent ULg

Poster (2008, July)

Detailed reference viewed: 85 (44 ULg)
See detailHRTEM study of Al-rich chlorites in Visean K-bentonites from Belgium.
Anceau, Annick ULg; Amouric, Marc; Olives-Banos, Jean

Poster (1997, June)

Detailed reference viewed: 28 (16 ULg)
Peer Reviewed
See detailTransformations of biotite and smectite into Al-rich chlorites: an HRTEM-AEM study
Amouric, Marc; Olives, Jean; Anceau, Annick ULg

in Terra Nova (1997), 9

Detailed reference viewed: 25 (7 ULg)
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Peer Reviewed
See detailSudoite in some Visean (Lower Carboniferous) K-bentonites from Belgium
Anceau, Annick ULg

in Clay Minerals (1992), 27

Detailed reference viewed: 65 (48 ULg)