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See detailL'Hôpital général de référence en Ituri : des normes sanitaires à la réalité
Karemere, Hermes; Porignon, Denis ULiege; et al

in Revue d'Epidémiologie et de Santé Publique = Epidemiology and Public Health (2008)

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Morison, Kip; Glavic, Mevludin ULiege; et al.

Report (2007)

The CIGRE WG C4.601 on Power System Security Assessment was formed in August 2004, at the CIGRE Session 2004 and was given the charter to specifically look at the following needs in the industry: 1. The ... [more ▼]

The CIGRE WG C4.601 on Power System Security Assessment was formed in August 2004, at the CIGRE Session 2004 and was given the charter to specifically look at the following needs in the industry: 1. The design of controls to enhance system security. This includes local device controls as well as system wide area controls and remedial action schemes. 2. Modeling of existing and new equipment required for power system analysis. (In this task it was felt that the most pertinent and timely activity was to look at the modeling and dynamic performance of wind generation systems.) 3. The design of monitoring systems for real time stability evaluation and control. 4. New analytical techniques for assessment of power system security. In addition to advances in computational methods, this includes the development of emerging approaches such as risk-based security assessment and the application of intelligent technologies. To this end, all of the above subject matters were tackled by the Working Group. More specifically, of the more than one hundred members and contributors to the work, three adhoc groups were developed within the Working Group, each given the task to address one of the first three subject matters above. The fourth task is one that the working group as a whole has presently started on, after having finished the other three tasks. The three completed tasks have resulted in the publication of three CIGRE Technical Brochures. These are: • CIGRE Technical Brochure on Wide Area Monitoring and Control For Transmission Capability Enhancement (this effort was lead by C. Rehtanz) • CIGRE Technical Brochure on Modeling and Dynamic Behavior of Wind Generation as it Relates to Power System Control and Dynamic Performance (this effort was lead by P. Pourbeik) • CIGRE Technical Brochure on Review of On-Line Dynamic Security Assessment Tools and Techniques (this effort was lead by K. Morison) During the course of the work, in addition to the formally elected WG members a large number of others contributed significantly to these efforts. All have been properly acknowledged. The combined group of members and contributors constituted 125 experts from 25 countries. These included experts from equipment manufacturers, utility engineers, consultants and research organizations around the world. The work on the three Technical Brochures mentioned above was completed in December 2006, with final reviews and approvals before publication occurring in early 2007. Thus, the work took nearly two and a half years to complete. All three documents constitute timely and valuable information for transmission system planer, operators, reliability organization and engineers in research and consulting firms. As stated previously, the Working Group is currently working on its last assignments (item 4. above). It is expected that this will be reported on in the near future. [less ▲]

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See detailEvaluation of the Health Sector Wide-Approach (SWAp) at the district level. Pilot case study: Kimbwa district, Tanzania.
Zinnen, Veronique; Porignon, Denis ULiege; et al

in Tropical Medicine & International Health [=TM & IH] (2007)

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See detailAstroPoles : Astronomy from the Polar Plateaus; The astronomy program for the International Polar Year
Burton, M.; et al.; Surdej, Jean ULiege et al

Poster (2006, August)

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See detailInformation Technology - Enhancements to LOTOS (E-LOTOS)
Leduc, Guy ULiege; et al.

Report (2001)

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See detailHealth Services in Rwanda: A Review of Public Expenditure in 1998.
Porignon, Denis ULiege; et al

Report (1999)

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See detailProblématique du secteur santé au Zaïre
Porignon, Denis ULiege; et al

Report (1994)

Sur demande / upon request

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See detailL'ingénieur et son art. Défi de la R&D et défi du marché
Vankerkem, Michel; Claustriaux, Jean-Jacques ULiege; et al.

in Gestion 2000 (1994), 4

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See detailRapport d'activité 1990-1991
Claustriaux, Jean-Jacques ULiege; et al.

Report (1992)

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See detailCell Surface Receptors in Lymphoid Cells: From Cytochemistry to Molecular Biology and from a Phenotype to a Function
Boniver, Jacques ULiege; Courtoy, R.; Schaaf-Lafontaine, Nicole ULiege et al

in Progress in Histochemistry and Cytochemistry (1992), 26(1-4), 169-81

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