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Peer Reviewed
See detailEvaluation of the specific immune response against a recombinant keratinase of Microsporum canis
Vermout, S.; Brouta, F.; Descamps, F. et al

Conference (2003)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailIn vivo expression of a Microsporum canis 43.5 kDa metalloprotease in infected guinea pigs
Brouta, F.; Descamps, F.; Monod, M. et al

Poster (2002)

Detailed reference viewed: 16 (3 ULg)
Peer Reviewed
See detailTranscription of the Microsporum canis 31.5 kDa keratinase gene in infected guinea-pigs
Descamps, F.; Brouta, F.; Vermout, S. et al

Poster (2002)

Detailed reference viewed: 15 (2 ULg)