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See detailLouis Paul Boon: 'Het eerste uur' (study pack)
Steyaert, Kris ULg; Fenoulhet, Jane

Learning material (2001)

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See detailDutch Literature in English Translation (1800-1950). A Bibliography
Steyaert, Kris ULg

Textual, factual or bibliographical database (2001)

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See detailA Tall Man in a Low Land
Steyaert, Kris ULg

in ALCS Newsletter (1999), 3(1), 3-4

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Peer Reviewed
See detailShelley in travestie: De vertaalstrijd om 'Alastor'
Steyaert, Kris ULg

in Filter: Tijdschrift over Vertalen (1999), 6(3), 28-36

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See detailMediumistic Shelley Sonnets in the Netherlands
Steyaert, Kris ULg

in Ruston, Sharon (Ed.) The Influence and Anxiety of the British Romantics: Spectres of Romanticism (1999)

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Full Text
Peer Reviewed
See detailJ.J.L. ten Kates 'Kind des Jammers': Thomas Chatterton in Nederland
Steyaert, Kris ULg

in Negentiende Eeuw (1998), 22(4), 235-250

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Peer Reviewed
See detailLeft Shoe
Steyaert, Kris ULg; Vincent, Paul

in Dutch Crossing : a Journal of Low Countries studies (1998), 22(2 (Winter)), 142-149

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See detailDefeminising Keats
Steyaert, Kris ULg

Conference (1996, July)

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See detail'Buried in the Ravage they have Wrought': John Keats and Phidian Lore
Steyaert, Kris ULg

Conference (1996, June)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailAndrew Bennett, 'Keats, Narrative and Audience: The Posthumous Life of Writing'
Steyaert, Kris ULg

in Romanticism on the Net (RoN) (1996), 1(2),

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See detailPoetry as Enforcement: Conquering the Muse in Keats's 'Ode to Psyche'
Steyaert, Kris ULg

in Romanticism on the Net (RoN) (1996), 1(1),

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