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Peer Reviewed
See detailInterest of cyclodextrins in spray-dried microparticles formulation for sustained pulmonary delivery of budesonide
Dufour, Gilles ULg; Bigazzi, William ULg; Wong, Nelson et al

in International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2015), 495(2), 869-878

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Peer Reviewed
See detailUtilisation et caractérisation des complexes de cyclodextrines dans les formulations à usage pharmaceutique
Dufour, Gilles ULg; Piel, Géraldine ULg; Evrard, Brigitte ULg

in Morin-Crini, Nadia; Fourmentin, Sophie; Crini, Grégorio (Eds.) Cyclodextrines: Histoire, propriétés, chimie et applications (2015)

Detailed reference viewed: 29 (5 ULg)
See detailPolyplex based on polycarbonate polymers for an efficient delivery of HDAC5 and HDAC7 siRNA
Frère, Antoine ULg; Evrard, Brigitte ULg; Mespouille, Laetitia et al

Conference (2014, December 12)

Detailed reference viewed: 18 (5 ULg)
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See detailDevelopment and optimization of pegylated lipoplexes for vaginal application
Lechanteur, Anna ULg; Furst, Tania ULg; Kanber, Erdem et al

Conference (2014, October 04)

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Peer Reviewed
See detailMicrocrystalline cellulose, a direct compression binder in a quality by design environment—A review
Thoorens, Grégory; Krier, Fabrice ULg; Leclercq, Bruno et al

in International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2014), 473(1-2), 64-72

Detailed reference viewed: 56 (12 ULg)