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See detailAccuracy assessment of an IKONOS derived DSM over urban and suburban area
Devriendt, D.; Goossens, R.; Binard, Marc ULg et al

in Jacobsen, K.; Goossens, Rudi; Winkler, P. (Eds.) Proceding of the EARSeL Workshop 3D-Remote Sensing: Porto, June 10 - 11, 2005 (2005)

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See detailChapitre 2: Contexte géologique et géomorphologique du chantier L (Tell Amarna, Syrie)
Cornet, Yves ULg; Alvarez Perez, A.

in Molist, M.; Tunca, Önhan (Eds.) Tell Amarna (Syrie) I, la période de Halaf (2004)

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See detailWhich metrics to assess and compare the quality of image fusion products ?
Cornet, Yves ULg; Binard, Marc ULg

in New Strategies for European Remote Sensing (2004)

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See detailStratégies de fusion d’images P/XS basées sur les principes colorimétriques et l’Egalisation de Statistiques Locales
Cornet, Yves ULg; Schenke, Christophe ULg; De Bethune, S. et al

in Bulletin de la Société Française de Photogrammétrie et Télédétection (2003), 169

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See detailUrban use of VHR images on Bukavu (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Binard, Marc ULg; De Man, J.; Séba, G. et al

in Proceedings of the Second Workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Remote Sensing for Developing Countries, Bonn, Germany September 18-20, 2002. EARSeL: Paris, France. (2003)

The main purpose of this study was to show potential uses of very high resolution (VHR) image in an urban analysis of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As for many of the Third-World cities ... [more ▼]

The main purpose of this study was to show potential uses of very high resolution (VHR) image in an urban analysis of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As for many of the Third-World cities, Bukavu grew up during the last decades and available topographical information on Bukavu dates back to the middle of the twentieth century. This lack of updated information can be compensated by an appropriate use of VHR images. In this study, IKONOS image recorded on the 14th February 2001 was used. Image registration are highly dependant on accurate Digital Elevation Models (DEM), these last ones are also useful in urban analyses. The range between the minimum and maximum altitudes observed in the image was more than 500 meters. Furthermore, the viewing inclination angle is more than 28 degrees. In this case, orthorectification is mandatory for correcting relief displacements. Nevertheless, the lack of good Ground Control Points (GPS’s) on the old topographic maps and the failure to collect field verification data in Bukavu explains the remaining global 2D RMSE of 10 meters. For easier image interpretation, multispectral (4m) and panchromatic (1m) images were fused together by means of the LMVM algorithm. Depending on the object, the Computer Aided Photo Interpretation (CAPI) uses or does not use the near infrared information (true or false colour composite). For a more detailed interpretation about the city morphology we draped the 1m multispectral fused image over the 1m resolution DEM grid. The Built-up Area Index (BAI) computed on the urban mask obtained by CAPI and classification of the vegetation, was compared with the 1954 situation interpreted from topographic maps. The present city shows higher BAI values and in the same time the centre of the city has clearly shifted southward. Statistical analyses are also done on built-up versus slope data. The lack of good GCP’s and the use of DEM produced inaccurate orthorectification which was not adequate for topographical features extraction. Nevertheless the present extensions of Bukavu built-up areas are more than the double of those observed at the beginning of the last half century. New constructions are located on steeper slopes where landslides are frequents. More features could be extracted from the Ikonos image if good GPS measurements were made and if verification by the city authorities was possible. Some practical applications of this study could involve determining better location of new Bukavu extensions. [less ▲]

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See detailEtude complémentaire relative aux profils d'accessibilité - profils de mobilité
Daxhelet, Delphine; Kessler, Laurent; Lambotte, Jean-Marc ULg et al

Report (2002)

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See detailThe OSIRIS Project (Optical Systems for Interferometric-Photogrammetric Relief Investigation and Scanning). Development of a device for 3D numerical recording of archaeological and epigraphic documents by optoelectronic processes
Laboury, Dimitri ULg; Renotte, Yvon ULg; Tilkens, Bernard et al


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See detailEtude diachronique de 1948 à 1990 de l’évolution du littoral des plages de Nonza et d’Albo (Cap Corse) par traitement analigique de photographies aériennes
Gobert, O.; Ozer, André ULg; Cornet, Yves ULg

in Fierro, G. (Ed.) MED PICTURE, Mediterranean Project for the Improvement of Cooperation in Training between Universities, Regions and Enterprises. Programma Leonardo da Vinci (2002)

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See detailLa photographie aérienne en période de sècheresse comme source de renseignements géologiques en Wallonie
Quoilin, H.; Ozer, André ULg; Cornet, Yves ULg et al

in Bulletin de la Société Géographique de Liège (2001), 40(2001-1), 33-40

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See detailCartography of Microclimatic Zones Using InSAR DTM
Closson, Damien; Cornet, Yves ULg; Ozer, André ULg et al

in ESA (Ed.) Proc. FRINGE'99 Symposium (1999)

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See detailNeotectonic implications of a lineament-coplanarity analysis in Southern Calabria, Italy
Cornet, Yves ULg; Demoulin, Alain ULg

in Special Publication - Geological Society of London (1998), 146

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See detailPrécipitations atmosphériques et altitude. Prélude à une cartographie des montants annuel et mensuels en Belgique
Alexandre, Jean ULg; Erpicum, Michel ULg; Mabille, Georges ULg et al

in Publications de l'Association Internationale de Climatologie (1998), 11

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See detailInterférométrie RSO et analyses géomorphométriques à caractère tectonique en Jordanie.
Cornet, Yves ULg; De Rauw, Dominique ULg; Ozer, André ULg et al

in Dubois, J. M.; Bernier, M.; Fortin, J. P. (Eds.) et al Série Actualité scientifique - La réalité de terrain en télédétection: pratiques et méthodes (1998)

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See detailThe contribution of ERS1 SAR data in neotectonics
Cornet, Yves ULg; Ozer, Pierre ULg

in Guyenne, T. D. (Ed.) Proceedings of the Second ERS Applications Workshop, London, UK, 6-8 December 1995 (1996)

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